Going it alone is fine, but doing it together is better!

2014 for us is a year of doing it together! We get the feeling we are all entering the “sharing” economy!

We certainly have seen that recently with all the work we are doing with our clients. Why go it alone when potentially you could do something together and share the cost!

Have a look at this example. WA Ballet (one of our favourite clients) is always looking to use video creatively. Budgets are tight however. But, they do have some wonderful Corporate Sponsors that are clearly partnering for all the right reasons. How could we tell a WA Ballet story and give their Principal Partner, Woodside a production that would work for them too! The end product can be viewed here…but simply it’s a production that marries the idea of VALUES!

By combining budgets we were able to film something stunning! Higher production values means more viewers which in turn leads to greater emotional connection with both brands!

The secret here is to be subtle! Don’t sell hard - in fact, do the opposite! By showing the inter-connectedness of the brands both parties win!

Another 5 in the series have now been commissioned! Testament to the fact that here is something that both parties can use to drip drip drip their message out there!

The great thing is that we’re now working on several collaborations with other clients that see this as a great opportunity. One for Nulsen and WA Opera gets a screening in front of 20,000 people in a couple of days!

So next time you need to tell a story. Think about where a potential partnership may lie! In an era where the creation of content is absolutely crucial, being able to join forces could just be the answer!

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