An evolving brand

It’s been quite a journey over the past few years. Who would have thought that we’d be nearing our 1000th production. And what a ride - picking up people from all corners of the globe! Hope you like our new infographic!

Anyway, we’ve now grown up to become Lush Digital - see it as a coming of age name change!

The reason for the name change was because we were doing so much more than video production for our clients. With all the consultancy, strategic work and training, plus all the digital content that was being asked of us we thought it far simpler to change names to Lush Digital. At least now we hope that it will be far more obvious how we can work across the board with various division of a business.

So to our new blog. The home for everything! This is the place for everything we write, film, photograph, design and podcast. Plus it’s the place that we’ll highlight some of the finest work in the digital communication space from around the world. It’s the place that will motivate and inspire, inform and entertain and provide a one stop shop for anyone keen on telling better stories and having greater impact.

But don’t worry - we’ll be really strict on the editing front! Only the very best, most relevant and most useful will appear. If it’s good we’ll share it right here.

Our job is to find you the “good sauce”!

Pop your email address in the box alongside and we’ll keep you up to date with regular updates in our modern story telling world!

Prefer pictures more then words? See below!

9 Things to know about Lush Digital Infographic

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