$22m in just a few months for Ronald McDonald House! Discover the power of video storytelling!

Ronald McDonald House needed $22million to build a new house in Perth to help more sick children and their families. The creative involved interviewing real people to tell their stories and how RMH has helped them have one less thing to think about during a very difficult time for them and their families. The video […]


An old brand gets a new strategy. See how Baileys is keeping it real!

Having always taken on a ‘celebrity lead’ approach in their television commercials, Baileys wanted to take on a more modern style and also see what other opportunities existed for use of video online. The creative centred on the garden being a place we all enjoy, from the youngest of children to the oldest of people. […]


Living the Dream - Video marketing helps Finbar sell apartments before they’re built!

The brief was to create an engaging promo video for a new Finbar development east of Perth. We needed to showcase the potential lifestyle of a place that only existed in motion graphic form. To do this we used a combination of unscripted interviews to hit key messages; existing motion graphics from the client and […]


Paydirt embraces digital publishing, launching a tablet edition of the print magazine.

Paydirt recognised the need to complement their traditional print publication with a digital tablet publication and together partnered with Lush to deliver this. After consideration of Paydirt’s current subscriber base Lush implemented a step by step roll out process. The digital publication now allows Paydirt Media to incorporate rich compelling media in their digital publication […]


Product sales made fun! Perth Glory uses video to showcase their new gear!

Each season Perth Glory FC launches a new range of merchandise. This season they wanted us to do something a bit different. The client had three specifications: showcase the new gear; feature as many players as possible, and use as many Perth-based locations as we could. We approached this as more of an advert-style video […]

A Visual explosion - the power of the infographic!

There’s something really fun in trying to tell a story through a neat little diagram! Not only that but all the research suggests that we are far more likely to recall some facts and figures when it’s visually displayed. We’ve started to develop our skills in this space recently and now have quite a few […]


The power of collaboration - when Corporate sponsorship hits new heights!

As much as they wanted to convey these qualities in their productions, budget was always and issue. We recognised that one of their main sponsors had similar values that could be reflected in a series that works for both. To us, this is a perfect win - The corporate and the arts sector collaborating for […]

Complex message, complex brief. Bring out the rubber ducks!

Some stories are complex! You need a variety of tools to get the message out there - clearly, concisely and effectively! Rather than have to sit through a half hour presentation, our brief was to try to tell this complex story in just a few minutes. Clever animation allows you to get across the technical […]

Bringing a presentation to life - and taking your breath away at the same time!

This project was different from many others because we were working with existing media shot by the client. The brief was to create a virtual climb up Ama Dablam in which participants have to overcome a series of challenges designed to replicate decisions in the business world. The challenge for us was to make use […]