How to give your next corporate video a cinematic feel

/How to give your next corporate video a cinematic feel

How to give your next corporate video a cinematic feel

Tripods have been around since cameras were invented, and they have served photographers and cinematographers well for all that time. They help keep shots still and allow for smooth pans and tilts that could never be achieved by manually holding a camera.

But, like so much of the technology we’ve relied on in the past, the tripod has been surpassed. Allow me to introduce, the stabiliser. It can do everything the tripod can do, and so much more! It’s a handheld device that automatically stabilises your footage without a tripod.

There are many different kinds of stabilisers, but basically they use a 3-axis motorised gimbal to maintain a level horizon. Here are the benefits of using a stabiliser for your next corporate video.

Cinematic Movement

Not only does this allow you to get smooth pans and tilts but it also allows movement. Movement is a great tool to allow many different feelings and styles. You can follow a subject around; you can jazz up an interview with the camera floating from side to side. If you need to follow something, a stabiliser is the way to go to get cinematic footage for your next corporate video.


The best part about stabilisers is that you don’t need a big fancy camera to use one. You can even use it with your phone. All different sizes are available to allow anyone to get that smooth motion for which stabilisers are known.


Stabilisers can vary in price to suit the camera you have. If you have a big cinema camera, filming the next James Cameron super-film, the price of the stabiliser will be a few thousand dollars. But for the average Joe, you can pick up a really good stabiliser for your smartphone for a couple of hundred dollars.

So, the next time you want to make a home video or the next big blockbuster film, make sure you get yourself a stabiliser; they make life seem much more fun and you feel like a movie star.

But if your next film production is going to be a corporate video and you want that professional finish, get in touch with the team at Lush. We have all the expertise and technology you need to get that cinematic Hollywood finish.


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